Six Sentence Sunday: ‘Maidens of the Yangze’ for ‘INSIGNIA 2’

Black Wings & White Paper

Today I want to share a teaser from one of the Chinese fantasy stories that I’m writing for the next Insignia anthology. This one is a flash piece (under 1000 words) but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

You only get to read six sentences today though, sorry!


Maidens of the Yangze

I watched from a little way down the beach, my bare feet sinking into the wet sand, my toes gripping me in place with even more strength than my father’s grip on my arm.

I was not allowed closer. I could not say ‘goodbye’ nor kiss her pale cheek. The Huang’s were cruel, heartless people; how they had a child as wonderful and sweet as Mei-Zhen was beyond anyone’s understanding.

As the procession crossed the sand, I couldn’t take my eyes from Mei-Zhen. They had wrapped her body in white silk, with bindings of white…

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