Book of the Week: ‘Someone Like Me’ by Kelly Matsuura

I published a new short story on my website recently, so thought I would share it here today.

It is a free YA story, set in Australia but with Asian-Australian teens as the main characters. I call it a ‘concept’ story, because I plan to write a series based on these characters, and the short story is just a piece to get to know them better.

Anyway, the story is a PDF book (about 20 pages) that you can open and read straightaway, or save a copy for later. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on possible adventure story-lines for the novel extension. 😀

~Kelly Matsuura~



Trinh Pham is a sixteen-year-old girl with the unique ability to gender-shift. While other members of her family, including her cousin, Hongyen, have various superpowers, Trinh feels alone sometimes in her need to adapt to a second identity.

But when she meets cute animal-shifter Yuki Hasegawa, she finds someone who can understand and accept her for who she is. Girl or boy.

Read/Download ‘Someone Like Me’ here (Last ebook listed)

~Note: ‘Hell’s Village’ is also a YA Asian fantasy story, available on the same page~


I’m always looking for more fantasy stories with Asian characters/settings to feature as ‘Book of the Week’. Please leave a comment if you have a recommendation.

And, I hope to have an update on ‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’ next week as well. 😀

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