Book of the Week: ‘Moonlit Dream’ by Crystal-Rain Love

Today’s book recommendation is a short werewolf romance with an Asian heroine. Moonlit Dream is Book 1 in the Moonlit Series, with two more books available. This novella appears to be perma-free on Amazon.




Pack numbers are low. The reigning pack leader, Rong, has demanded all un-mated Werewolves to breed each moon cycle. Ming yearns for her destined mate, but Jason has been locked away in prison for ten years. Desperate to stay true to him and avoid the new breeding law, Ming begs the pack leader to spare her from the ruling.

With a little magic, and a lot of faith, Jason is brought to Ming through a mystical realm. Now the two destined mates must run from the pack, which is hot on their trail; while Jason struggles to come to terms with his past, something he must do in order to give Ming a moon vow.

Ming’s fate lies in the decision Jason need to make with his heart and soul.


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