Book of the Week: ’13 Moons’ by Ee Leen Lee

I apologise for not posting on this blog in months. Very bad of me….I will try to post more regularly from now on!

I’m keen to add more Asian fantasy book recommendations to this site, so please let me know if you have read or seen any that look good.

Today’s book is a collection of short stories, written by an author I recently ‘met’ on twitter. I’ve read half of the stories so far and really enjoy Lee’s concepts and literary writing style.


13 Moons by Ee Leen Lee


13 horror stories of the macabre by Malaysian writer Ee Leen Lee.
13 Moons will provide you with instant chills.
Office workers discover the gruesome secret behind the puppets used as workplace décor. A man tries to help the ghost of a murdered child haunting a playground. An abandoned well and a banana tree in a village garden conceal a decades-old crime. A couple struggles to keep their family together when their son becomes a zombie. And a nightclub with a supernatural door policy — depending on when you choose to go.
These stories reveal the darkness that threatens to seep through the veneer of day-to-day life.


Amazon US 


Ee Leen Lee on Twitter


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