INSTINCTS #6 ‘Lee Chung-Chung’s Painting Tells a Story’ by Vonnie Winslow Crist


We haven’t had a poem in awhile, so here’s a lovely piece by a regular Insignia projects contributor, Vonnie Winslow Crist. 


‘Lee Chung-Chung’s Painting Tells a Story’

By Vonnie Winslow Crist

blue grey, cloud laden,
seasonal birds wing
their way northward, beaks splitting air
as genetic memory sounds a fevered
blood call.

barren, skeletal,
waiting for vernal equinox
to summon K’un’s nourishment
to root, trunk, branch, twig, twiglet, and

shadow on snowdrifts,
shelters winter’s bones
from beautiful Ma-ku’s reaching fingertips
and Lee Chung-Chung’s magical golden

yellow light on pond,
its brilliant splash
predicts a wash of flowers spreading
across warming ground like a sacred


Vonnie Winslow Crist is author of The Enchanted Dagger, Owl Light, The Greener Forest, Murder on Marawa Prime, and other award-winning books. Her fantastical stories have been published in Canada, Spain, India, Australia, Japan, the UK and USA. Born in the Year of the Dragon, Vonnie believes the world is still filled with magic, mysteries, and miracles. For more information check her website:


Read Vonnie’s first poem for INSTINCTS here.

Check out Vonnie’s drabbles in the new release, ‘Japanese Fantasy Drabbles’ too.


The Eagle owl (Bubo Bubo) and moon.

Do you have an Asian fantasy/scifi poem that you would like to share? Submissions to INSTINCTS are always open! See our Submissions Page for details.


*Featured Photo by Richard Sagredo on Unsplash

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