‘The Girl Who Ate Cicadas’ by Kelly Matsuura

Black Wings & White Paper

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted a story for awhile, so came up with this little piece-perfect for summer! The cicadas are out in force here in Nagoya now, and one was right outside my window the other day, going to town. How rude, interrupting my writing time 🙂

Love them or hate them, it’s not a Japanese summer without a million semi surrounding you.

Here’s an interesting article about Japanese cicadas if you’re interested to learn more: Japan Times link.

And thanks to my sister Beth for challenging me to write a cicada-themed story.

The Girl Who Ate Cicadas

by Kelly Matsuura

Until her third birthday, little Himeko never ate a thing. She only drank water and refused anything else.

The doctors were baffled, but as the child was healthy, they insisted her parents not worry.

Then one summer, Himeko was out in the garden and found a cicada stuck…

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