New Page: Horror Matsuri Calendar (OCT)

Hi everyone!

I added a new page to the Insignia Stories site today:

Horror Matsuri Calendar

This page has the upcoming schedule for Horror Matsuri flash fiction and also INSTINCTS poems for October, and I’ll be adding in participant’s blog tour dates as requested. (I’ve included my own blog visit on Oct 3rd as a sample).

This page also has guidelines for joining the blog tour. Please read the information carefully if you are interested in participating.


And, submissions are OPEN until September 10th for the paid flash fiction spots at Insignia Stories! The submission call information is here:

Horror Matsuri 2020 page

Both pages are currently listed in the Main Menu on the site too.

Good luck with your stories! Hope to see you in my inbox soon.

Kelly Matsuura


PS: ‘Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction’ is in a cover contest this week, over at All Author. It would be great if you could pop over and vote! No registration is required and you can vote on as many covers as you like, so have a browse of the other awesome indie books while you’re there!



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