Horror Matsuri #9: ‘A Yōkai’s Haiku Halloween Abroad’ John H. Dromey


It’s Week 5 of Horror Matsuri, and sadly today is the last poem, but it’s a good one!

This is John H. Dromey’s second poem for the month. The first, ‘Spooky Yuki-onna’ can be read here.

A Yōkai’s

Haiku Halloween Abroad

John H. Dromey


Just one day each year
I stroll Western streets and hear
Random childish screams

Chance of discovery
Is a distant muted thrill
No one thinks I’m real

Some adults I scare
Though few take too close a look
When they proffer treats

A pond filled with koi
This autumn stirred my longing
For a glimpse of home

To my great dismay
The fish hid in deep shadows
Water still as death

When the flat surface
Made my stark reflection clear
I shuddered with fear


John H. Dromey was born in northeast Missouri, USA. He enjoys reading—mysteries in particular—and writing in a variety of genres. His short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Stupefying Stories ShowcaseThriller Magazine, Unfit Magazine, and elsewhere.

Link to John’s work at Insignia Stories


See you tomorrow for the final horror flash story, by Joyce Chng!

*Featured Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

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