Kindle Countdown Deal! For INSIGNIA 2020 (anthology)

Kindle Countdown Deal for ‘Insignia: Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2020’

If you didn’t read last year’s Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2020 anthology, now’s your chance to grab a copy from!

The sale will start at 12AM PST time at just 99c, then rise back to the full price of $2.99 by midnight, so get your copy quick!

Table of Contents


‘A Matter of Possession’ by Joyce Chng

‘Shadows’ by  Celestine Trinidad

‘Kindness’ by  Vonnie Winslow Crist 

‘Moon Rabbit’ by Jo Wu

The Washing Machine Ate the Socks’ by Sayo Onoda /  Toshiya Kamei 

‘The Craving’ by  Tutu Dutta

‘Lepers’ by Keyan Bowes

‘The Enchantress Princess & the Mysterious Child’

by  Massimo Soumaré Toshiya Kamei 

‘Railroad to Potalaka’ by Juan Takai Toshiya Kamei


‘Meisho’s Dodos’, ‘Lantern Festival’, ‘The Eighth Son of Ganbataar’, ’Lotus Moon’, ‘The Wild Horses Came Hastening’, and ‘How to Weave the Stars’ by Mary Soon Lee

Get your copy at now!

(Alarm clock Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash)

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