INSTINCTS #17: ‘Hot Pursuit Goes Underground…’ by John H. Dromey

First INSTINCTS poem for the year!

Please enjoy another haiku (double) by regular contributor, John H. Dromey!

Hot Pursuit Goes Underground, Hostage Unharmed

                        John H. Dromey

His sweetheart kidnapped
A spelunking samurai
Rushed to her rescue

With his katana
Hiro slew the abductor
Inter the dragon


About the Author:

John H. Dromey was born in northeast Missouri, USA. He enjoys reading—mysteries in particular—and writing in a variety of genres. His short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Stupefying Stories ShowcaseThriller Magazine, Unfit Magazine, and elsewhere.

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John also has stories in several Insignia anthologies, including the upcoming Mythical Creatures of Asia drabbles collection, and the anthologies featured below. See his Author Page for a full list of publications HERE.

Horror Matsuri 2020 anthology
Castles & Kimono anthology

(Click the book cover images to go to each book’s About Page).


(Featured Photo by Krys Amon on Unsplash)

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