Welcome to Women in Horror Month at Insignia Stories!

February is Women in Horror Month, and it’s my pleasure to host a small blog series to celebrate the amazing women who contribute to projects here at Insignia Stories.

WiHM banner

We are an Asian speculative fiction press, with contributors from all over the globe. Our horror works tend to be more dark fantasy than gory horror, but we love it all!

Last October, we held a new online event: Horror Matsuri 2020. Most of the stories and poems featured were by women writers: Joyce Chng, Therese Choon, Deborah Wong, Umiyuri Katsuyama, Maggie D. Brace, Natasha Sinclair, and myself (Kelly Matsuura). Follow the link here to check out the calendar and read the published works online.

This Women in Horror Month event is a little smaller, but from the 18th to 28th of February, we’ll be presenting author interviews with Fusako Ohki and Meera Dandekar, poetry by Anne Silva, and a few drabbles from the upcoming Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology, written by Hien Fox and McKenzie Richardson.

Horror writer Umiyuri Katsuyama

First on the schedule tomorrow (18th) is a write-up on Japanese horror by Toshiya Kamei, with an introduction of Umiyuri Katsuyama’s work. It’s an interesting read, don’t miss it!

The full calendar of this WiHM event is available here. Please join us!

~Kelly Matsuura~


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