WiHM Drabble: ‘A Sailor’s Fear’ by Hien Fox

Today I’d like to introduce a new Insignia Stories contributor, Hien Fox!

Hien has 3 drabbles appearing in our upcoming Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology. I selected this one, ‘A Sailor’s Fear’ to share for Women in Horror Month. Enjoy!

A Sailor’s Fear

Hien Fox

When my father taught me to swim, he threw me into the delta. There was only burning. Somehow, I paddled. Maybe it was in my genes, the allele of sailors. Water could cleave the earth in two. One, two. Water was powerful.

“I am scared,” I said. No one listened. Then, I saw him. He who calls water home. Harbinger of crushed throats and drowning. His jagged teeth were stained as if he had broken betel nuts and not bones. Black scales and sea surged around me. The ship was splitting in half underfoot. One, two. Ngư tinh and burning.

Hien Fox is a fledgling Vietnamese-American speculative fiction writer. Her 2021 ambition is to finally bring the Southeast Asian fantasy epic that has been churning in her head to life. This is Hien’s first published work. You can find more information about her writing at https://www.hienfox.com

Work included in the Insignia Drabbles anthologies:

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.3.)

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Featured image by Ian on Unsplash

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