Mythical Drabbles: ‘Beneath the Mangoes’ by Natasha Sinclair

Today’s Mythical Creatures of Asia drabble features the kapre, from Filipino mythology. Natasha Sinclair has three drabbles in this anthology, and is also a contributor from Insignia Drabbles #2. I personally love her dark fantasy stories!

More drabbles from the Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology are now available online on this page.

Beneath the Mangoes

Natasha Sinclair

To whom one was enslaved was debatable.

Within my palm, his magical stone glimmered — a precious mini-moon, a dazzling opal. Day after day, I would veer off the beach-line into the thicket, amongst the mangoes. I knew where to find him, the potency of his scent married with the Kuwini beneath which my giant perched. The musk that kept many away drew me towards him; the allure of his forbidden ardour.

“Are you ever going to make a wish?” the Kapre would say before taking a deep draw from his yusi.
My only desire was to make the giant mine.

Natasha Sinclair is a Writer from Central Scotland, UK.

Her first published piece, a memoir, ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ was released March 2018. This was followed by the release of some of her short story fiction and poetry works. Her writing spans genres including – speculative, fantasy, horror, psychological and erotica.

Out-with her own publications, she is a contributor to several anthologies.
When not writing she’s busy teaching, raising and adventuring with her two daughters and looking after their adopted cats and rabbits.



Work published with INSIGNIA STORIES:

Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles (Insignia Drabbles Vol.2)

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Featured Photo by Reza Heydar on Unsplash

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