Author Spotlight: YUKI FUWA

Today’s Author Spotlight is presented by regular contributor and translator, Toshiya Kamei.

I take great pleasure in introducing to you one of the brightest up-and-coming Japanese writers. Originally from Osaka, Yuki Fuwa later moved to Tokyo and studied Chinese literature at Waseda University. Her favorite writers include Shinichi Hoshi (1926-1998, a master of short shorts) and Ryōtarō Shiba (1923-1996, a popular writer of historical fiction). Historical events, ancient literature, and contemporary issues serve as sources of Yuki’s inspiration.

In February 2021, Yuki made her debut in English with her microfiction “So Eagerly Awaiting” (read). She has work in the newly released Mythical Creatures of Asia (links below) and Hundred Word Horror: Cosmos. Anglophone readers can expect more stories from her in the near future.

—Toshiya Kamei


  1. Author Name/s: Yuki Fuwa
  2. Years active as a writer: Three years
  3. What genre/s you write: SF, historical fiction
  4. Favorite genre to write: SF, historical fiction
  5. Favorite length of story to write: Short fiction
  6. Your nationality: Japanese
  7. Country you live in: Japan (Kobe)
  8. Number of Asian countries visited: 3(China, Taiwan, and Cambodia)
  9. Favorite Asian country (visited): Taiwan
  10. Favorite place in Asia (visited): Hangzhou. When I was studying there, I frequently strolled around West Lake.  You can enjoy the scenery as it changes through the seasons.
  11. Place (city or country) you most want to visit in Asia: Thailand
  12. Favorite Asian cuisine: Chinese
  13. Favorite Asian dish: Xiaolongbao
  14. Favorite Asian movie (any genre): The Old Barber by Chinese-Mongolian director Hasi Chaolu
  15. Favorite Asian book (any genre): Big River, Big Sea: Untold Stories of 1949 by Lung Ying-tai
  16. Favorite Asian celebrity:  Manga artist Yūsei Matsui
  17. Best thing about being a writer:  I love it when the first sentence of a story flashes through my mind.
  18. Worst thing about being a writer: There’s a whole lot to learn about subjects such as science and history.
  19. Day writer or night writer: Day writer
  20. Drink and snack of choice (while writing): Coffee
  21. Number of short stories/poems submitted each month (av): 3
  22. I dream to be published with/in (publisher/publication): I want to work with publishers around the world.
  23. Most active on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): I’m not on social media.
  24. Self-published, traditionally published, or both: Published by small presses.
  25. Currently working on: I’m writing Sci-Fi stories to send to various contests.

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Check out the Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology here.


Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon AUS

Amazon JP – Amazon CA – Amazon IN

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