Theme: Mythical beings & spirits

Guidelines: This anthology is already about 50% full, with submissions from the contributors of Mythical Creatures of Asia. We are looking for more drabbles set in any Asia country and based on Asian myths of various beings, ghosts, spirits, and the like. Basically anything magical that is NOT an animal, creature, or beast, which have been well-covered in Mythical Creatures of Asia. Also, to be respectful of various religious beliefs, stories about named gods or deities will not be included in this theme.

Deadline: July 5th, 2021.

Word Count: EXACTLY 100 words.

No. of Submissions: 3 stories maximum will be ACCEPTED per author. Do not submit more than 3 at a time. If any stories are rejected, you may submit new pieces. Do not re-submit a revised drabble unless invited to do so.

Other Conditions: Reprints and multiple submissions accepted. No simultaneous submissions please. For reprints, include the publisher and date in your cover letter.

Formatting: Times New Roman and 12pt preferred. Include the story title, your pen name, and email address in the story document (top left, above story). Each story in its own document. No italics for non-English words please.

Payment & Rights: Sorry, there’s no payment for this project, however each author will receive a review copy of the finished anthology (MOBI or EPUB). Rights remain with the author. We only seek permission to include your story in this single eBook and optionally, online (see below). Contracts will be sent with each acceptance.

Publication: For eBook release (no print). We distribute via Amazon, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital. We’ll be accepting around 80 drabbles, depending on the volume of submissions.

How to Submit: email your story/stories to insignia.drabbles(at) Include ‘Mythical Beings’ and your pen name in the subject line, and a cover letter and short author bio (with 2 links only) in your email. You may send up to 3 stories together (in separate Word doc/docx files please). Please list them in your email to confirm they are all received and get read. DO NOT SEND A BLANK EMAIL – your submission will not be read without a proper email message, including a greeting such as ‘Dear Kelly/Ms. Matsuura’ or even ‘Dear Editor’ is ok. Also, please sign off with the name that you would like to be addressed as when I contact you.

We’d be happy to answer any queries or discuss your story themes etc in advance of the deadline. Email us at the above address, send us a tweet at @InsigniaStories, or contact us via Facebook: The Insignia Series Facebook page.


Go to the Submissions (Drabbles) page here

Check out The Insignia Drabbles Series books here.

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