Mythical Drabbles: ‘Timingila Terror of The Oceans’ by Amrita Valan

Please welcome today’s drabbler, Amrita Valan! Amrita has 3 drabbles in Mythical Creatures of Asia, and 3 in the upcoming Mythical Beings of Asia anthology.

We also featured her recently in our Author Spotlight series. Check out her interview here.

Timingila Terror of the Oceans

Amrita Valan

When the Timingila dreamt, the ocean waves were tranquil. Ships found safe passage. When disturbed in their sleep, these leviathans lashed and writhed. Seas trembled.

 Tsunamis spouted.

The mighty ones trawled the oceans gulping in whole whales for meals and inadvertently, shipfuls of passengers too. Inside the foul-smelling cavernous gut were the flotsam and jetsam of marine life and humanity. Priceless jewels, stench of corpses, skeletal remains of humans and their vessels. Nakul escaped the Timingila when it defecated! His entire ship was ejected crushed and misshapen, literally gutted. But Nakul survived on a wooden plank to tell his tale.

A writer from India and mother of two boys, Amrita Valan loves dabbling into the folklore and mythology of her rich culture and traditions. She has been published in several online journals and anthologies, under this name.


Twitter : @amritavalan

Work Published with INSIGNIA STORIES

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.3.)

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Featured image by Alwi Alaydrus on Unsplash

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