Mythical Drabbles: ‘Forty Days and so on’ by Victor Nandi

I have a very cool scifi drabble for you today! I’m pleased to have Victor Nandi as a new contributor in the Insignia Drabbles series. This story, ‘Forty Days and so on…’ is from Mythical Creatures of Asia, and Victor’s drabbles will also appear in the next anthology, Mythical Beings of Asia. (Details on that below the story).

Forty Days and so on…

Victor Nandi

Hyrcanian Forest, Persia

The arrow missed the target and vanished in the clouds. Moments later, a bird fell from the sky, struck dead by the stray arrow.

“Something is better than nothing,” Farhad chuckled holding the bow.

“A huma!” Yasmin stood petrified.

“Whatever,” Farhad shrugged. “Dinner’s sorted.”

“You don’t understand,” Yasmin gasped. “Huma’s killer dies after forty days.”


Five centuries later:

Mount Bogong, Australia

Farhad lay on his stomach, eyes on the scope.

You’ve three minutes to live,’ a robotic voice buzzed into Farhad’s earpiece.

He squeezed the trigger.

You’ve forty days to live. Next expected huma sighting: Socompa, Argentina.

Victor Nandi is a Senior Content Developer with an Ed-tech company. In addition to various international magazines and journals, his works of horror, fantasy and sci-fi have featured in anthologies from several publication houses around the world. When he isn’t spending time with the characters from his imagination, he is usually chatting with the ones in his life about investment tools, sugar-free diets, and workout regime. He can often be found curled up in his cave with a novel or trying to cheer up a dispirited friend with a horror story. He lives in Bangalore, India.
Connect with him at

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Featured Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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