Mythical Drabbles: ‘The Nagini and the Gold Coin’ by DJ Elton

Please welcome a lovely writer and master drabbler, DJ Elton! She has 2 drabbles in Mythical Creatures of Asia, including this one featured today. You can also find DJ’s work in our Southeast Asian Fantasy drabbles, and in our upcoming Mythical beings of Asia anthologies. Enjoy!

The Nagini and the Gold Coin

DJ Elton

Serpent-human, nagas were sent Beyond by Brahma, the creator God.

I was playing in the water with Tanni when we found a gold coin. We were fighting over it when an emerald-eyed, golden naga appeared and watched us.

“This belongs to our kingdom,” she said sweetly.

“Give me the coin and you will not regret it. Give it in love, not fear,” she said, her tail splashing in the water.

“Please take it.” I said, handing it to her as Tanni was shaking his head. To this day I live a life of comfort whereas Tanni is struggling with poverty.

DJ Elton is an author from the Melbourne’s west side who writes micro-fiction and short stories. She’s had work published with Black Hare Press, Aussie Speculative Fiction, Eleanor Merry Publishing and Little Quail Press, as well as self-publishing a novella, The Merlin Girl. She is fascinated and horrified by the potential of robots, and loves writing medieval fantasy. She also writes poetry and is working on a very long poem about a girl who rides lions. When not pushing a pen, staring at a screen or being social, she likes to ride her bike, read crime novels and collect paper.

Twitter – @DJEltonwrites
Facebook –

Work Published with INSIGNIA STORIES:

 Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles (Insignia Drabbles Vol.2.)

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles #3

Read more Mythical Drabbles online here. And more to come in July!

Featured Photo by Thomas Fatin on Unsplash

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