INSTINCTS #25: ‘Defiance’ by Amrita Valan

This month’s poetry feature is by the talented Amrita Valan! Amrita is also a contributor in Mythical Creatures of Asia and the upcoming Mythical Beings of Asia anthologies.


Amrita Valan

The Apsara most adamant about her
Petitioned mighty commander Indra in vain
Aboard Indian Spaceship Suvarnarekha
Docked at space station Swarga.

waiting in the netherworld dimensions
A swarthy Asura
Her inter dimensional alien lover.

Blanket refusal met indignant defiance.

Indra thundering banished the girl
To serve Ananthnaga the electron collider
who supplied Vishnu destabilizing God particles,
That vaporized instantly providing
Him powers of preservation.

Balance was a delicate thing to maintain.

Quantum entanglements were not to be breached
Inspected or even observed.

Apsara Urvashi Flounced and sashayed
To the arboreal replicator in a huff.

Kalpataru Apsara Urvashi 3D printed
Her lithium powered dreamboat!

Aryabhatta was launched on the sly from
An ethereal sixty-degree declination,
Said to be the most harmonious in the
Observable universe.

At Serendipity minus zero, Urvashi
Applied the brakes and sank into the
Spatial temporal rift to Patala.

Her Asura was a hard-won trophy
Of many alternate realities,
Previous encounters that had
Never been consummated.

The culmination of this life choice
Would determine her next six
Timelines, as the
Intergalactic Couples Codebook
For Asian Humanoids

© Amrita Valan 2021

Indra: King of Gods in Hindu pantheon of gods, comparable to both Zeus the Greek King of Gods and Thor with his mighty thunderbolt, here he is a spaceship commander.
APSARA: Celestial beauties with siren like powers.
Urvashi: an apsara in Hindu Mythology
Kalpataru: The wish fulfilling tree in Swarga(heaven) here it is a 3D printer/replicator
Patala: Netherworlds/ Hades/ Underground where Asuras (Demons) reign, again in Hindu mythology. In Persian mythology there is a reversal, and Asuras are Gods, while the Devas (Hindu Gods) are the demons.  

A writer from India and mother of two boys, Amrita Valan loves dabbling into the folklore and mythology of her rich culture and traditions. She has been published in several online journals and anthologies, under this name.

Twitter : @amritavalan

Work Published with INSIGNIA STORIES

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.3.)

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