MYTHICAL DRABBLES: ‘Imagination’ by Kelly Matsuura

When you find an unpublished drabble in the drafts folder…… 🙂

Please enjoy one of my own original pieces, ‘Imagination’ which was published in Mythical Creatures of Asia in 2021.

I do love Persian mythology!


Kelly Matsuura

Soraya used her first wish to end the drought in her region. She next wished to be a bird; to fly above the far-reaching lands, forever enjoying their rich green beauty.

The djinn waved his fingers and Soraya was transformed into a huma, a glorious bird of human imagination. A bird from stories, and epic poems. A bird with plumes in shades of red and gold, rivaling even the glimmering jewels worn by the Persian kings.

Yet as legends foretold, the huma ascended, never to return. Soraya surrendered her final wish, and so, the poor djinn was never set free.

Kelly Matsuura writes speculative and literary short fiction.

She is the EIC/Creator of the Insignia Stories, and has had work published with A Murder of Storytellers, Black Hare Press, Sirens Call, Harbinger Press, and many more.


Visit the Mythical Creatures of Asia book page here

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Featured image from Deposit Photos.

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