Mythical Drabbles: ‘Play Time’ by Kevin Hopson

Please enjoy today’s Indonesian myth-inspired drabble by Kevin Hopson!

Play Time

Kevin Hopson

“What is that?” Sukarno asked.

Only a few inches long, the figure had long hair and claws for hands.

“That’s my Jenglot,” Bethari said. “His name is Slamet.”

Bethari took a sewing needle from her desk, poked her thumb with it, and deposited a drop of blood on the floor beside the Jenglot.

“He likes blood,” she said. “Let’s go eat. We can play with him later.”

Sukarno followed her to the doorway and glanced back. The Jenglot moved toward the blood. Sukarno’s mouth hung agape. Then something gripped his shoulder.

“He doesn’t like it when people watch,” Bethari said.

Kevin Hopson has dabbled in many genres over the years, but crime fiction and fantasy are his true loves. His novelette, Pursuing the Dead, was a 2019 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards winner. And if you’re a fan of light fantasy, check out The Emperor’s Guard series. You can learn more about Kevin by visiting his website at:

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. Featured image from Deposit Photos.

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