Congratulations to the ‘Insignia 2022’ Contributors!

Congratulations to the 10 authors selected for this year’s Best Asian Speculative Fiction anthology!

See the full Table of Contents below.


Insignia 2022: Best Asian Speculative Fiction is a selection of 10 fantasy & science fiction stories set in various Asian countries.

Insignia 2022

Release date: December 2022.


Fantasy Stories:

‘Tea Party for the Living’ by Ai Jiang

‘The Face in the Pool’ by Dariel R. A. Quiogue

‘Lord Serpent’ by Mary Soon Lee

‘Nukekubi’ by Patrick Winters

‘Kamaitachi Incident’ by Toshiya Kamei

Science Fiction:

‘Evolution’ by Alicia Hilton

‘The Colour of Glass’ by JY Tan

‘The Enders’ by Maria S. Picone

‘The Canary’ by Mehreen Ahmed

‘After the Salt’ by Nick Tan

Insignia 2021

Insignia 2021: Best Asian Speculative Fiction

Insignia 2020

Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction

Featured Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

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