Mythical Drabbles: ‘Boundless Faith’ by Dawn DeBraal.

The drabbles continue with a Filipino myth inspired story by Dawn DeBraal!

Boundless Faith

Dawn DeBraal

Amelia Valencia climbed Mount Makiling searching for the magical woman, Mariang. The beautiful woman gave gifts to those deserving. 

Amelia’s father was out of work, her mother ill. She had faith that knew no boundaries. Her neighbors laughed at her foolishness.

“You will not find Mariang Makiling. Hunters harvested all the animals, woodcutters stripped the trees, angering her. She no longer lives there. Mariang is only a legend.” 

Amelia would not listen. She followed her heart. This was the only way she knew to help her family.

“Child?’ A beautiful woman appeared. Amelia bowed, smiling.

“Mariang Makiling, you are real!”

Dawn DeBraal lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband Red, two rescue dogs and a stray cat. She has discovered her love of telling a good story, can also be written. She is fast approaching 300 stories, drabbles and poems in online magazines and anthologies.

Insignia Drabbles Series

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Featured Photo by Jayzel Florendo on Unsplash

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