Mythical Drabbles: ‘Ticket to Heaven’ by Victor Nandi

Today sadly, we have the final Mythical Drabble to be published online. I hope you all enjoyed this series!

It’s my pleasure to share ‘Ticket to Heaven’ by Victor Nandi.

Ticket to Heaven

Victor Nandi

The truck started moving down the highway.

Mohinder ogled at the sexy hitchhiker. Except for the nose, she looked perfect everywhere.

“You coming from heaven?” Mohinder held her thigh.

“No,” she hesitated, “But trying to get there for ages.”

“Don’t worry,” Gurmeet gently stroked her other thigh, “We can get you there.”

“Hopefully,” she beamed.

The truck stopped. Gurmeet and Mohinder fell out the doors, blood-spattered.

She got down, went to the back and unlocked the cargo hatch. About thirty young girls lay curled up inside.

“Are you Mrs. Sharma, our buyer?” an eight-year-old asked.

“No, I’m Surpanakha, your deliverer.”


Author’s footnote to the story: In the legend, Lord Ram and his brother, Lakshman, refused Surpanakha’s amorous advances. Infuriated, she went to kill Lord Ram’s wife, Sita, but Lakshman intervened and chopped off Surpanakha’s nose. She went to her brother, Ravan, and narrated the event and said how it had caused her great insult and anguish. It was after this incident that Ravan, angered by his sister’s humiliation, decided to kidnap Sita. The abduction brought Lord Ram to Lanka and the long war ensued. The sinners were punished with death and were hence, redeemed. However, Surpanakha, whose one act had triggered the destructive war, was spared by Lord Ram. She left Lanka alive and consequently, remained unredeemed of her sin.

Victor Nandi is an Assistant Director – Content with an Ed-tech company. In addition to various international magazines and journals, his works of horror, fantasy and sci-fi have featured in anthologies from several publication houses around the world. 

Work Published with INSIGNIA STORIES:

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.3.)

Mythical Beings of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.4.)

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Featured Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

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