A quick update…

Apologies everyone for my LONG absence. It has been a real struggle to juggle various personal challenges going on over the past 6 months. Despite being unsure HOW to devote enough time to writing and publishing going forward, I do want to continue with Insignia Stories in the long-term. So I am now thinking about... Continue Reading →

 INSTINCTS #27:‘Equipment Checklist (for a Yōkai P.I.’s Stakeout from behind a High Privacy Fence)’ by John H. Dromey

New haiku (with illustration) by John H. Dromey! Enjoy 🙂 Equipment Checklist (for a Yōkai P.I.’s Stakeout from behind a High Privacy Fence) John H. Dromey Sticking her neck out. The rokurokubi said Scratch the periscope             John H. Dromey was born in northeast Missouri, USA. He enjoys reading—mysteries in particular—and writing in a variety of... Continue Reading →

NEW RELEASE!! ‘Mythical Beings of Asia’ (Insignia Drabbles #4)

HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! A huge thanks to all the contributors in this anthology. 🙂 Mythical Beings of Asia is the fourth volume in the Insignia Drabbles series. This anthology includes 60 drabbles (100-word stories) and 2 bonus flash stories inspired by Asian folklore. Release Date:  September 30th, 2021 Contributors (drabbles): | Amrita Valan | Celestine Trinidad | | Dawn DeBraal | DJ Elton | Fariel Shafee | | Fusako... Continue Reading →

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