A quick update…

Apologies everyone for my LONG absence. It has been a real struggle to juggle various personal challenges going on over the past 6 months. Despite being unsure HOW to devote enough time to writing and publishing going forward, I do want to continue with Insignia Stories in the long-term. So I am now thinking about... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon! Insignia Books in Progress

Hey, how's everyone going? I've had my ups and downs during Lockdown, but Insignia projects are giving me a reason to get out of bed and get busy every day! I actually have THREE new anthologies in production: a second drabbles anthology; a new Insignia Series (Vol.8.) short story anthology; and a reprint collection for... Continue Reading →

November News: Submissions are closed! Thank you!

NEWS Submission Calls Submissions for 'Japanese Fantasy Drabbles' are officially closed. I want to say a big thank you to all the contributing authors for submitting such a fantastic selection of drabbles. Otsukaresama desu! I'll probably write a post in December about the submission call, for those who are curious about the data and behind-the-scenes... Continue Reading →

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