JULY NEWS: Smashwords Sale, Open Submissions, + more

Hi everyone, hope you’re all having a great July. Sorry I haven’t posted for ages, life’s been busy and I’ve cut back on my social media time recently. I hope to get back into things again from August though. I have a lot of projects I want to do. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what’s happening at INSIGNIA STORIES this month…


For the next week, all Insignia Series anthologies are on sale for just 99c! Simply go to the desired book page and enter the sale code listed with the usual BUY information. Easy!


Insignia Vol 1: Japanese Fantasy Storieshttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/399204

Insignia Vol 2: Chinese Fantasy Storieshttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/462261

Insignia Vol3: Southeast Asian Fantasyhttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/627976

Insignia Vol 4: Asian Fantasy Storieshttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/714228



Submissions for both the ‘Asian Dystopian/Cyberpunk’ and the ‘Birds & Beasts’ themed anthologies are still currently open.

I only need 2 or 3 more stories for the Dystopian/Cyberpunk call, so I’d like to close this soon. If you have a story -send it in! If you need more time, please message me about it. And if you have a friend who might be interested in submitting for this theme, please share the Submissions Page with them.

I definitely want to publish this anthology before Christmas, so need to get started with edits, cover design, etc.

As for the Birds & Beasts theme, I only have 2 accepted stories. This will stay open for a few months, so I hope to get more writers interested in doing this one. Tell all your friends!



I’m always happy to post a good Asian fantasy book recommendation here on the site. Reviews are also welcome. Email me at blackwingsandwhitepaper(at)gmail.com with your suggestions, links, images, etc.



Memorial Weekend 99c Sale!!

Happy Memorial Weekend to our US friends! I’ve just moved back to Japan so am a little sad to be missing the holiday weekend, but I have great memories of trips to Chicago and Lake Michigan in previous years. It’s also pretty nice here in Nagoya. 🙂

I thought it was a good week for a little sale, so how does getting ANY Insignia Series anthology for just 99c sound?

99c SALE – May 27-30



All three anthologies will be only US0.99c (or he equivalent in foreign currencies) this weekend on both Amazon and Smashwords sites.

Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories

Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories

Insignia: Southeast Asian Fantasy


And writers, don’t forget to check out our Submissions Page. We’re currently seeking fantasy stories set in any Asian country, with Asian heroes/heroines. We need a good variety of both nationalities represented and also styles of fantasy. We lay out the stories in two categories: ‘Adventure/Folktales’ and ‘Adult/Literary’. YA stories are very welcome, and we have a special request for stories set in the India/Himalaya region. Deadline is JUNE 30, and more details can be found on the main submissions page.