Maggie D. Brace

Maggie D. Brace is a long-time denizen of Maryland, teacher, gardener, basketball player and author. She attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Loyola University, Maryland.  She has written ‘Tis Himself: The Tale of Finn MacCool and Grammy’s Glasses, and has both tied with Anne Tyler in the Baltimore Sun Paper Reader’s Choice for best local writer as well as lost out to John Waters. As heady as this sounds, she remains a humble scrivener and avid reader presently aging gracefully in situ.


Work Published with INSIGNIA STORIES

Horror Matsuri #5 / Instincts #12: ‘Eye for an Eye’ by Maggie D. Brace

Horror Matsuri #8: ‘Night with the Batibat’ by Maggie D. Brace

Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Vol.3.)


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