Tutu Dutta

Tutu Dutta has a B. Sc in Environmental Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia and an M.Phil from the University of Malaya. She is the author of nine books, ranging from a picture book, Phoenix Song, published by UK-based Lantana Publishing; to a collection of dark folktales, Nights of the Dark Moon, published by Singapore-based Marshall Cavendish Editions. Her collection of retold Malaysian folktales, Timeless Tales of Malaysia republished as The Magic Urn and Other Timeless Tales of Malaysia, by Marshall Cavendish, is regarded as a feminist children’s book due to the female POVs. Taking this further, she co-edited a book, entitled The Principal Girl – Feminist Tales from Asia, with Sharifah Aishah Osman, a Senior Lecturer in the English Literature Department from the University of Malaya.

Dutta draws inspiration from Asian folklore, for her books and also for her blog tutudutta.blogspot.com and is particularly fascinated by the folklore of plants, a subject she explores in her blog and mentions, in passing, in her books.

Twitter: @dutta_tutu

BlogSpot: http://tutudutta.blogspot.com/


Work published with INSIGNIA STORIES:

‘The Craving’, Insignia 2020

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