This page provides links to FREE Asian fantasy/scifi stories available online at other indie sites. Enjoy!


‘Knowing Your Type’ by Eliza Chan, Three Crows Magazine, Nov 2019.

‘A Matter of Possession’ by Joyce Chng, (Joyce’s blog).

‘Taking Care of Our Own’ by Kelly Matsuura, Harbinger Press, Jan 2020.

‘Lord Serpent’ by Mary Soon Lee, Fireside Fiction, Jan 2019.

‘Gwisins of the New Moon’s Eve’ by Russell Hemmell, Cast of Wonders, Feb 2020.

‘Big Mother’ by Anya Ow, Strange Horizons, Jan 2018.

‘Xingzhou’ by Ng Yi-Sheng, Clarkesworld, July 2019.

‘The Princess Whose Hair was Writing’ by Natsumi Tanaka & Toshiya Kamei (translator),¬† Fanzine Jan 2019.

‘The Forest of Grannies’ by Bayveen O’Connell, Fudoki Magazine, June 2020.

‘The Yakshini’s Daughter’ by Shivangi Bhrigu, Fudoki Magazine, May 2020.

‘Raikou & the Shi-ten Doji’ by Edward Ahern, Fudoki Magazine, April 2020.

‘Penumbra’ by Natasha Sinclair, (blog), Dec 2020.



‘Prison Cell’ by Mariane Enriquez, jaBlog 2016


Do you have an Asian fantasy or scifi story published online? We’d love to share it!

Send the link and relevant details to insignia.submissions(at) if you would like your story added to our list.

*Featured Photo by Alexander Ramsey on Unsplash¬† (Xi’an, China)

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