Holly Kench

Holly Kench is a writer and feminist, with a classics degree and a fear of spiders.

She enjoys writing a range of genres, but has a particular love of fantasy. Holly seeks stories that contemplate the world as much as books that provide escape, but doesn’t think the two are mutually exclusive. These are the sort of stories Holly tries to write. She is convinced we can change the world through popular culture.

Holly manages Visibility Fiction, a project dedicated to the promotion and publication of inclusive young adult fiction at www.visibilityfiction.com. Visibility Fiction began as a result of Holly’s desire to create a space that celebrated and facilitated the telling of stories with diverse characters. In this capacity she has had the privilege of working with both Kelly Matsuura and Joyce Chng, who have assisted her in a journey of not only editing, but also writing her own stories exploring diverse cultures.

Holly also writes about her life as a stuffed olive at www.stuffedolive.com.au.


Stories included in The Insignia Series Anthologies:

‘The Bakeneko’ and ‘Becoming Hashihime’ (Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories)

‘The Red String of Fate’ (Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories)


Posts on this blog:

Excerpt: The Bakeneko (Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories).

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