Insignia: Best Asian Speculative Fiction (series)

The Insignia: Best Asian Speculative Fiction series began in 2020, now the 2022 anthology is currently in production.

These collections of reprinted works feature mostly familiar Insignia Stories authors, with a few new guest contributors.

Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction features 9 short stories set in Japan, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India, as well as 6 Chinese fantasy poems (by Mary Soon Lee.)

Contributors: Joyce Chng, Celestine Trinidad, Jo Wu, Toshiya Kamei, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Saya Onoda, Tutu Dutta, Keyan Bowes,  Massimo Soumaré, Juan Takai, and Mary Soon Lee.

Table of Contents and Buy links here

Insignia 2021: Best Asian Speculative Fiction features 6 fantasy and 4 science fiction short stories.

Contributors: Joyce Chng, Celestine Trinidad, Jo Wu, Anna Tan, Stewart C. Baker, Toshiya Kamei, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Mahiro Saeki, Ismim Putera, and Mandira Pattnaik.

Table of Contents here

~Coming December 2022~

Insignia 2022: Best Asian Speculative Fiction is a selection of 10 fantasy & science fiction stories set in various Asian countries. (in production). Contributors: Ai Jiang, Alicia Hilton, Dariel R.A. Quiogue, JY Tan, Maria S. Picone, Mary Soon Lee, Mehreen Ahmed, Nick Tan, Patrick Winters, and Toshiya Kamei.

Table of Contents here.

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