Melvin Yong

After more than a decade as a copywriter working on global brands, Melvin Yong left the media industry to spend time with his elderly family members. This also gave him the opportunity to finally write stories for himself and not faceless corporations. He’s currently writing a series of short supernatural stories for children that he hopes some publisher somewhere out there would be interested in.
An only child, Melvin’s love for the written word came from growing up surrounded by a family of avid readers as well as a regular supply of comic books and National Geographic magazines. He still reads them whenever he can although he has picked up a couple other interests including playing board games. Right now he’s trying to figure out which collection is taking up more space in his tiny apartment, his books or his board games.

Stories included in The Insignia Series Anthologies:

‘The Island’ (Insignia: Southeast Asian Fantasy)


Posts on this blog:

Excerpt of ‘The Island’


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