SUBMISSIONS (Anthologies)

Would you like to write for The Insignia Series? Please browse the following open submission calls, and check back regularly for updates.

—Please read the criteria for submission carefully. Each anthology call is different and the specific themes may not be outlined on Duotrope or The Grinder’s current listings.—



(updated Aug 18, 2018)


Reading Period: September 01 – December 17

Insignia Vol.7. is open to Asian speculative fiction stories and poetry. Pieces may be set in any Asian country and must have Asian main characters. (The only exception would be if your story is about a non-human character, such as a magic tree).

Themes: No set theme. We aim to have a good mix of Asian settings and cultures, as well as speculative sub-genres, in this anthology, so the more original your ideas are, the better chance your work will have of being accepted.

Flash Fiction: We’re looking for a variety of stories up to 1000 words in length. Drabbles (100-words exactly) are very welcome! ( I’ll be writing a few myself! ~Kelly~). Other forms of micro-fiction, such as vignettes, are fine too.

Poetry: This is the first time we’ve been open to poetry, so we’re willing to consider all types, but please make sure that they are speculative pieces and show some visible Asian settings or elements.


Submission & Payment details

Word Count: 0 – 1000 words.

No. of Submissions: 5 stories/poems maximum per author. Pieces may be sent together in one email, however please attach each piece separately in its own document.

If you’re submitting both stories and poems and 4 or 5 pieces, perhaps send poems in one email and stories in another (for ease of reading and follow-up by the editor).

Other Conditions: Reprints are welcome for this call. Simultaneous submissions are also fine.

Payment: Regretfully, no payment is offered for this anthology. It will be some time before sales on this year’s 2 new anthologies recoup their expenses, however we don’t want to have a long interval between projects, so we’re hoping that asking for short pieces is a fair compromise.

Contributors will of course receive a copy of the finished anthology (PDF/mobi/ePub).

Contract/Rights: As there is no payment this time, no contracts will be issued. All rights remain with the author, we simply ask permission to print/reprint your work in this one ebook. (Submitting will be considered your agreement to these terms).

How to Submit: email your story/stories to: insignia.submissions(at) Include [Insignia Vol.7. Submissions – YOUR NAME] in the subject, and a short author bio in the body of the email. Feel free to tell us a bit about your interest in Asian culture and any relevant publishing experience you have in this area.


Track Submissions to The Insignia Series on The Grinder

Track Submissions to The Insignia Series on Duotrope


We’d be happy to answer any queries or discuss your story themes etc. Email us at the above address, or contact Kelly via Facebook.

We look forward to reading your submissions, and thank you in advance for your support of our series.

~Kelly Matsuura~


19 comments on “SUBMISSIONS (Anthologies)

  1. Hi Jeremy! Sorry, but I’m only interested in full short stories. They can be flash pieces (under 1000 words) or reprinted stories are fine too, if you have anything like that. (Or time to write a quick piece this month) 🙂

    Also, if you have a published Asian fantasy book or short story, I’m happy to post the info on the blog here. Cheers, Kelly.

    • Well, I have a kind of different spin. My Toonopolis series takes place in a cartoon universe and there is a section of it called Animetown, which borrows a lot of Anime/Asian inspired themes and tropes. There is a full novella starring Anchihiiroo (a minor antagonist in my first novel) that takes place entirely in Animetown. And Wan-Wan (a mech-dog created by an inventor named Yuki in Animetown) is one of my main character’s companions in my first full novel. So… it both is and isn’t in your wheelhouse. Thoughts? 🙂

      • It sounds really cool! On the blog, my only criteria for sharing books is that the stories have Asian characters, but I don’t mind which country (or fictional world) they live in. However, for the anthologies I’m looking for stories set in specific regions with native characters from those areas.
        So, I’ll look up your series and will share it on the blog when I get time. Good luck with the new novels 🙂

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  4. Not sure if you already have a theme for the next anthology in mind, but in case you don’t, I’ll throw in my 2 cents: I’d like to see stories revolve around diasporic Asians, especially those who’ve been forcibly displaced by war. There’s a lot of sociocultural dynamics and issues to play with, in addition to sprinkling in speculative elements. I think that’ll make for a really interesting and relevant set of stories.

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  9. When you say “Asia”, do you mean any country that’s technically in Asia— including places like Russia, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, etc? Or are you wanting an emphasis on the Far Eastern cultures, and the sort of countries/cultures most people think of when they think of the Orient?

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