Excerpt: ‘Birds of Heaven’ by EK Gonzales

‘Birds of Heaven’ is a sweet literary piece by Filipino author, EK Gonzales.


‘Birds of Heaven’ by EK Gonzales

Maria sent the birds of heaven to every part of the world. At any given minute, someone wanted to give up and disappear. To each one, Maria sent out one of her birds.

Birds of every size and color left the aviary, singing of hope and love. Many returned with joyful melodies of people saved. Others came back with mournful tunes, of those for whom they were too late.

For each person saved, the birds burst into a wonderful orchestra, filling heaven with sweet music. For each person lost, the aviary darkened for a time, a sadness that all of heaven saw and felt.

For each person lost, Maria’s heart was pricked and filled with pain.


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