Memorial Weekend 99c Sale!!

Happy Memorial Weekend to our US friends! I’ve just moved back to Japan so am a little sad to be missing the holiday weekend, but I have great memories of trips to Chicago and Lake Michigan in previous years. It’s also pretty nice here in Nagoya. 🙂

I thought it was a good week for a little sale, so how does getting ANY Insignia Series anthology for just 99c sound?

99c SALE – May 27-30



All three anthologies will be only US0.99c (or he equivalent in foreign currencies) this weekend on both Amazon and Smashwords sites.

Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories

Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories

Insignia: Southeast Asian Fantasy


And writers, don’t forget to check out our Submissions Page. We’re currently seeking fantasy stories set in any Asian country, with Asian heroes/heroines. We need a good variety of both nationalities represented and also styles of fantasy. We lay out the stories in two categories: ‘Adventure/Folktales’ and ‘Adult/Literary’. YA stories are very welcome, and we have a special request for stories set in the India/Himalaya region. Deadline is JUNE 30, and more details can be found on the main submissions page.



BOTW: ‘Stone-Cold Fox’ by Hailey Edwards

Has anyone read the Black Dog Series? Looks pretty cool!

Stone-Cold Fox (Mai Hayashi #1)

By Hailey Edwards




Mai’s plans for a weekend of cosplay fun and games at Fan Expo come to a screeching halt when a smokin’ hot fae with a vendetta against her father decides the best revenge is claiming her for his own.

Her father cost Ryuu everything: his home, his family…and his mate. Ryuu wants his pound of flesh, and he’s willing to take it out of Mai’s hide, bite by sensuous bite.

While she’s quick to bare her teeth and snap at Ryuu’s gentling hand, she sheathes her claws once he offers her secrets about her life and her father that rock the foundation of her world.

Caught between Ryuu’s tender persistence and her father’s iron will, Mai’s not sure who to trust, but before it’s all over this kitsune will show them both why she’s one stone-cold fox.


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About the Author

A cupcake enthusiast and funky sock lover possessed of an overactive imagination, Hailey lives in Alabama with her handcuff-carrying hubby, her fluty-tooting daughter and their herd of dachshunds.

You can also connect with Hailey at:



Congratulations to Joyce Chng!


Great news for one of our Insignia Series authors – Joyce Chng’s story, Megumi’s Quest, has been selected for inclusion in Twelfth Planet Press’ Best of YA Speculative Fiction 2013! Megumi’s Quest was first published in Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories and we’re so thrilled to see the story become available to a much wider audience.  Congratulations, Joyce! We’re so proud!

According to Twelfth Planet’s website, The Best of YA Speculative Fiction 2013 anthology will be released in late 2014. The link below has further details.




Link to the full Table of Contents


Read an extract of Megumi’s Quest



SALE! Get the INSIGNIA anthologies for only 99c on Smashwords! Oct 16-20

If you haven’t read the ‘Insignia Series’ anthologies yet, here’s a great chance to try them for only 99c.

Download your copy now from Smashwords in mobi, epub, or pdf formats.

Sale ends October 20th.




‘Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories’ on Smashwords

‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’ on Smashwords


Book of the Week: ‘Best Served Chilled’ by Zoe Adams

This week’s book is Best Served Chilled by Zoe Adams, published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. It’s a short horror novella featuring a Japanese alcohol demon. There’s a follow-up story, Best Consumed Within, which I happened to read first, lol! It was a bit confusing, so I recommend you read them in order.


I love this cover 😀


“What would you give to make it stop?”

Life hasn’t been easy for Hiraku Michiyo. Struggling with the misery that dwells in her past and her present, she’s spending more time with a wine glass than real friends. One night, she meets the charismatic, Shoichi. Intrigued and a little frightened, she invites him home. Yet little does she realise that the real horrors are just beginning. And escape is certainly not at the bottom of any bottle.

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Have you read any good fantasy stories or novels with Asian characters and/or myths? I’d happy to feature them here on the Insignia Series blog one week. Indie authors and publishers are also welcome to recommend their books. Leave a comment below, or email me (Kelly) at: blackwingsandwhitepaper(at)

See you next week 😀

JUST RELEASED! ‘Insignia Vol.1: Japanese Fantasy Stories’

The first Insignia anthology is now available from (and other Amazon sites). for just $2.99!

Congratulations to all the contributing authors: Aislinn Batstone, Joyce Chng, Heather Jensen, Holly Kench, Chris Ward, and Chris White. I’d really like to thank them all for their wonderful stories, assistance with proofreading and marketing, and for their great support in the project.

Over the next few days, I’d like to introduce the authors a little and share a sample of each story. For now, please browse the Amazon book page and this blog, and feel free to share the posts/links with your friends!


Kelly Matsuura (Editor)


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