Women in Horror Month 2021

February is Women in Horror Month and here at Insignia Stories, we’re proud to celebrate the amazing women writers who contribute to our anthologies and online publications. We are not a pure horror market, and you’re more likely to see dark fantasy poems and stories published here, but don’t think we don’t enjoy some good old fashioned gore now and then…

We will be sharing interviews, stories, and write-ups between February 16th and 28th.

Event Schedule

Introduction to WiHM at Insignia Stories, by EIC Kelly Matsuura. (Tuesday, February 16th) READ HERE

‘Queen of Kaidan’: a write-up on Japanese horror micro-fiction and discussion of Umiyuri Katsuyama’s work, written by Toshiya Kamei. (Thursday, February 18th) READ HERE

Author Spotlight: Fusako Ohki. (Saturday, February 20th) READ HERE

Drabble: ‘A Sailor’s Fear’ by Hien Fox. (Monday, February 22nd) READ HERE

Author Spotlight: Meera Dandekar, (Wednesday, February 23rd) READ HERE

Drabble: ‘The Nail in the Nape of Her Neck’ by McKenzie Richardson. (February 24th) READ HERE

INSTINCTS (poetry): ‘The Legend of the Devil Bird’ by Anne Silva. (Thursday, February 25th) READ HERE

*Drabbles are from the upcoming Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology.

To learn more about Women in Horror Month and see the full schedule of world-wide events, visit: Women in Horror Month.

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